"Imperfect Consonance"
2017.05.26 ~ 2017.06.16
YoungHun Kim & Robert Muntean



“There are lines across the colorful mist that curls up on
the canvas. The lines are full of boldness as if a trace of skillful skater’s
edge. It arouses spontaneous curiosity that cannot be assumed where they are
come from and where they are heading to. Thick paint mark sits between lines to
lines, meticulous brush works fill up the space, blurred foggy stains wipe on
top of that and vivid lights infuse life in to the whole canvas.”


There is no perfect form, line and figure but I find out
pleasure of looking that comes from imperfect elements on the canvas. I stay
here and there on canvas where once the artist stop by and think and once brush
passes, then imagine endless space, tracing back to the time.  


The artists of Imperfect consonance show, YoungHun Kim and
Robert Muntean both have interests on a keyword ‘sound’. YoungHun, especially
focuses on ‘noise’ which was not existed in analog era. Here, the noise is more
than just sound of noise but digital interference radio signal such as dots or
lines that interrupts output of screen display and jamming sound through a
headphone. He accepts all the fragments of dots and lines and let the
spontaneous movements happening on the canvas, using them as element of visual
and perceptual interests. On the other side, Robert focuses a new sound
composed and layered by pre-existed sound which is disharmonic and vague.
Mozart once composed quartet ‘dissonance’ using very disharmonious notes
together and this results a distinctive tune, that is discomfort but new,
unfamiliar but bold. Robert’s paintings stance at the same vein. Robert lays
out different techniques, colors, and unconscious gestures on the canvas, and
then sometimes layers unclear and blur sounds to create whole complete melody


The paintings provide time and space that the audience’s
eyes can stay longer. It requires patience and challenge to both creator and
accepter, not just because of its ambiguity aspect. It is because of discomfort
feeling, which is an unfamiliar sense to modern people who always strive for the
perfection. However, the interesting point here is, when the discomfort cognition
is sublimated in pleasure, the imperfectness is recognized as ‘beauty’.


If you come to the gallery for the exhibition, I would
recommend to look around the gallery at least twice and take a time to enjoy
the harmony of imperfectness in its entirety. Then, you will appreciate its
distinctive beauty that you have not even recognize before.



Beauty, in essence, is a manifestation of harmony
and measure, but it has its secret part, which we call “grace” and which
appears even along with “imperfect harmony”.
- Vincenzo


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