김근태 & 에버하드 로스
2017.10.20 ~ 2017.11.10
Keun-Tai Kim & Eberhard Ross

UNC Gallery 10th Anniversary exhibition

“The road”


   UNC Gallery, founded
on May 2007, has presented diversity of contemporary exhibitions, growing up
with many contemporary artists. UNC Gallery not only contributed on the art
market but strived to exhibit creative contemporary art works in order to approach
the public. The Galley also introduced emerging and established artists who have
an international recognition. In 2011, UNC organized Leipzig School exhibition
which was one of the biggest issue in international art scene in 2009. After
that, UNC Gallery collaborated with art museums in Korea, organizing many other
contemporary exhibition of Europe such as German, France, and Spain.

   Celebrating the 10th
Anniversary, UNC gallery will keep striving to promote emerging artists who own
the creativity and scarcity. Also, based on our credible career, the gallery will
establish a solid foothold for the artists who has been walking along with us. The
Road exhibition and the presenting artist Eberhard Ross and Keun-Tai Kim will
be the first step to steer the way for another 10 years.


Keun-Tai Kim

Kim Keun-Tai has constantly compared his paintings to the white
porcelain and it is no wonder he compares with it because the white, he often
uses on his painting resembles the canescent on the white porcelain. However, it
is more than just hue, it actually is about character of porcelain that is
simple but noble, decent and honest which goes well with everything, as
container. The character of white porcelain resembles the ultimate essence what
Keun-Tai tries to find through his artistic experience. The endlessly daubed paints
explain his attitude to empty and erase himself from the obstacles in his life.
The more he empty through the painting, it opens up endless space beyond its
limitation of flatness. 

“If any traces, such as colors sticking out, remain at the
end of the work, all I can do with them is just letting them be.”

Eberhard Ross

The work of Eberhard Ross can be considered as musical
phenomenon not just because he always listens music while he is painting, but
he aims to contain the silence moment between the note and another note in his
painting. The moment what he said is paused but full and quite but tensed.
Especially the Fermata series expresses a space of alive conscious which is
full of presence. Painting as a media has its limitation of stationariness but
if you stare at his painting, the color turns to light and realize space that
allow us to enter the deeper place.

“I breathe the paint and it breathes back. I hear the paint
and it sounds back.”


The 10th Anniversary exhibition will provide
thoughtful space and time to the public that could look back their own life.
Also, at the Road show, you will find the traces of Keun-Tai and Ross who have
strived for finding the light in their own self.


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