2018.11.09 ~ 2018.11.30
Gideon Kiefer

Gideon Kiefer truly masters the figurative visual language. This grants him the opportunity to create a world from his unique point of view, filled with intimate and peculiar scenes where a symbiosis is formed by reality and the imaginary. Written personal reflections or side-miniatures, are drawn onto the insides of old book covers, which provides his work with a certain tactility while it reveals some of the intriguing content hidden in each drawing.

Throughout his oeuvre, Kiefer’s work revolves around his own personal memories and more specific, distrust towards the accuracy of these memories. Systematically, this intimate aspect is combined with sociological, political and ecological themes, which are depicted in a very symbolic and metaphorical manner. As a visual architect Kiefer guides the viewer through a web of implicit socio-criticism and global geo-politic details that unfold slowly as one elongates his pace of looking at the exquisite details visible in each work.

Yasmine Geukens


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